Our Adventure Begins!

After a 23 hour day moving and cleaning our apartment (we literally pulled away from the curb at 430am!) and a few hours of sleep, we drove to Vedawoo, WY outside of Laramie and tested our sleep-in-the-car situation as it poured rain all night. Topher removed the back seats bwfore we left and built an insert for the hole with a hinge so we can fold it back and store things underneath. We’ve decided we probably brought way to much food as our bins are too heavy for one person to lift. Costco is evil. We moved the bins and cooler on the roof and laid out sleeping pads, a sheet and then a thin comforter and had a cozy little space in the back for the three of us. We’re headed north today. Enjoy the beautiful sunset from last night in a break from the rain!