Oh darling, let’s be adventurers!

[all photos by Coldiron Photography]

We’ve officially been engaged for over six months and the wedding date is now less than a year away. This new adventure that is our journey to marriage is well underway!

Last month we headed to Rocky Mountain National Park with Allie and Marcus Coldiron, the amazing couple that make up Coldiron Photography to have our engagement photos taken.

When I first saw Dream Lake, I knew it would be an amazing place for engagement photos. When Topher proposed and we started talking about all things wedding, Dream Lake was in the back of my mind for an engagement photo session. But then, I started to let that practical part of my brain take over. Hiking after getting your hair and makeup done isn’t practical. Balling a $100 dress that’s been immaculately hung in your closet all week into your backpack and changing in the woods isn’t practical. Hiking in the Colorado Rockies at 3pm definitely isn’t practical.

But, then again, weddings aren’t really about practical. And, more importantly, neither are we – we’re about taking the extra risk and pushing the envelope (which is called deep red and is size a7 in case you’re wondering) to chase those things we dream about.

When we pulled into the parking lot it was already spitting rain. Thunder rumbled in the distance as we started out on the trail.

Luckily, we chose the coolest photographers in the world who weren’t about to be scared off by a little rain and by the time we made it to Dream Lake and did a quick change behind some rocks, the sun had poked out from behind a cloud and was shining through the rain, resulting in the most beautiful scene I’ve seen in my trips to the lake. A rainbow popped through the clouds and then the sun set magically over Hallett Peak.

When I half-jokingly suggested that we take our shoes off and get in the lake, our photographers were all on board and Topher agreed to play along. Allie told me that they rarely get couples who are willing to take off their shoes and get in water.


To each their own, I suppose, but in my opinion, ten years from now I’m going to look back on these photos and not notice that the hem of my dress got damp or my feet got muddy or that my curls went limp. I’m going to notice that look on our faces that showed the moment of sheer shock and joy at being barefoot in a snow melt lake in formal clothing with each other.

I’m not going to lie, the main purpose of this post is to show you guys the photos I’m so in love with, but I do have an ulterior motive.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a box. Stop worrying about whether or not something is practical or makes sense or will ruin your hair or get your clothes dirty. If you want to do something, take a deep breath and do it. The only risk you’re ever going to regret is the one you didn’t take.

Enjoy our photos and if you’re getting married anytime soon, I can’t recommend Allie and Marcus enough – visit their website to see what else they’ve been up to.


Adventure is a Choice

While planning a wedding may not scream adventure to most, I’ve decided that the next fifteen months are going to be just that – an adventure.

We got engaged two months ago and having procrastinated for as long as humanly possibly, we’ve been begrudgingly starting to work on plans little by little. This week we found ourselves in the paint aisle at Home Depot, staring at a rainbow of chips and having a small meltdown. He was holding a fistful of navy blues and grays while I was picking out shades of wine and rose.

We ended up discarding everything in our hands and going to look at power tools, him fed-up and myself overwhelmed. It occurred to me while looking at belt sanders that it was sort of funny. I pointed out how the guy behind the paint counter must be witness to countless divorces and we both laughed and headed back to the paint aisle.

We settled on a joint color scheme (red wine, heather grey, cream, coral and sage for you curious few!) and right then and there I decided that this whole process is going to be an adventure. No matter how many things go wrong, how many stressful plans there are to make I am going to choose to laugh instead of let it affect me. Our feelings are choices each and every day and I choose to live in a spirit of adventure.

Its easy to get caught up in the mindset that adventure is relegated to the weekends, to hikes and camp trips and plane rides to exotic destinations. That adventure can’t occur every day. But to me, adventure is a mindset.

Adventure is choosing a new brand of protein bar at the grocery store. Adventure is stopping on the way home to take a picture of the sunset. Adventure is midnight milkshakes.

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