Oh the Places You’ll Go!

Muddy, exhausted and with sore feet I gazed up at Mt. Bierstadt from the passenger seat of our Subaru this last weekend and thought,


Our bodies are pretty freaking amazing.

I find myself continually in awe of the places our own two feet can take us. I love having my own car and all but swore off public transportation on my college graduation day. Because I love driving and I love the freedom to get anywhere I want fairly quickly, the concept that our bodies were designed to transport us long distances continually awes me.

Looking up at that huge mountain that I had just hauled my sorry butt up and back down, I found a new appreciation for my own two feet, for my lungs and heart, for my body.

I work out a few times a week and hike on the weekends, but my no means am I in excellent shape. Yet my body, which is very comfortable sitting on the couch watching Netflix with a bowl of mac n’ cheese, was able to carry me 14,000 feet into the sky.

All the people on the trail looked like little ants and I couldn’t even see the dozens of people I knew must be still on the summit. The mountain seemed even bigger than when we had started at 6am that morning.

Our bodies are pretty epic.

I watch my yoga teacher contort herself into the most impossible of shapes. I watch my stepmom who has fake knees and repaired hips mount a horse. I watch climbers at the crag pull themselves up impossible looking overhangs. I watched my best friend grow a child and now her child grow into a young lady. I watch those I love recover from sexual abusive and their bodies learn to love again.

The studio I practice yoga at has a quote on the wall:

“Your body can stand almost anything. Its your mind that you have to convince.”

Our bodies are impressively resilient. We can do a whole lot more than we think we can.

I think that physical challenges are one of the easiest to quickly excuse away. Its so easy to say that we could never run a marathon, or climb a mountain or do a handstand.

We’re inherently clumsy or we have asthma or we’re not athletic or we’re overweight.

But you know what? That’s your mind talking. I bet if you asked your body, it would say,

“We can sure as hell try!”

The moral of my story, as is the moral of most of my stories, is that if you want it, set your mind to it.

And honor your vessel. Its capable of a lot, but you won’t have to convince your mind as hard with regular exercise and the occasional green juice đŸ™‚

*This post is dedicated to my blistered and sore feet that really need a pedicure. You guys are the coolest.


Author: mikaelaruland

I'm a twenty something living the wanderlust life in Colorado with my boyfriend and dog. During the week, I'm a Marketing Manager but when the clock hits 5, I'm an adventurer, a traveler, a hiker, a climber, a skier, a blogger, a photographer. Live the adventure life, you won't regret it.

One thought on “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”

  1. Fact check, Sal doesn’t have artificial anything, yet. Glad to see you discovering that there are very few real boundaries to what we can accomplish.


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