Best of Denver: Tacos, Ice Cream and Cocktails

Best of Denver featuring street tacos, ice cream and mojitos.


I think its safe to say that here in Denver, summer is officially upon us. The temperature is soaring, the pool is open, the days are long.

While we may be first and foremost outdoor adventurers, we are also crazy foodies and have made it our mission to scout out the best dishes in Denver. Throughout the summer I’ll be sharing our best of list, for you to check out or challenge.

We figured we’d start with a few summer staples.

Best Street Taco
Carnitas – Tacos Tequila Whiskey

I’m a big street taco person, like, verging on an obsession lately. I’ve tried street tacos all over the Metro area and can say on good authority, that Tacos Tequila Whiskey is the place to go to get your taco fix. After sampling almost their entire menu over three visits in as many weeks (I mean, summer nights just scream tacos and a tequila soda…) we’ve settled on the carnitas as the favorite; there’s just something about those addictive pickled onions that pairs so perfectly with the crispy pork. Close runners up are the Asada, Barbacoa and Pescado. The queso cannot be missed, as well.

Best Ice Cream Flavor
Salted Oreo – Little Man Ice Cream

You will get endless pointed remarks in your direction while waiting the hour in line at Little Man Ice Cream, but those folks commenting, “I would never wait that long for ice cream” have never tried their Salted Oreo. Deliciously salty and creamy, peppered with Oreo bits, this flavor will make you crave that line. Even better in a waffle cone, when a jazz band is set up outside. Bring some friends and you won’t even notice the wait. (Don’t lame out and go to Milk Man, they don’t have Salted Oreo, despite serving Little Man Ice Cream)

Best Summer Cocktail and Place to Drink It
Coconut Mojito – Mynt

While best summer cocktail is one of those categories that I’m not sure anyone could possibly have authority on, Mynt’s Coconut Mojito is my personal favorite and mixed with its killer rooftop patio, I think I might be able to convince you. Share a pitcher with friends and pour liquid summer into glasses adorned with sugar cane. Enjoy the views on their rooftop patio and it’ll be the only memorable stop on your LoDo bar hop.
Happy Summer!

Author: mikaelaruland

I'm a twenty something living the wanderlust life in Colorado with my boyfriend and dog. During the week, I'm a Marketing Manager but when the clock hits 5, I'm an adventurer, a traveler, a hiker, a climber, a skier, a blogger, a photographer. Live the adventure life, you won't regret it.

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