Questival by Cotopaxi

You may have seen my blog post from last weekend about the Questival we were participating in hosted by Cotopaxi. Now that I’ve sort of caught up on sleep, I wanted to share our experience with you and encourage you to sign up for a future Questival in a town near you!

Cotopaxi is a really amazing outdoor brand that I actually discovered on Instagram. They have a really cool philosophy, make unique and functional outdoor products and are very engaged with their customers. I am a total convert!

They host adventure weekends all over the country that are part scavenger hunt, part adventure race and 100% crazy fun. Last weekend, Topher, his sister, her boyfriend, Kenzie dog and I participated in Denver’s Questival.

The event started at 7 p.m. on Friday night and we had 24 hours to complete as many challenges as we could, competing against over 700 other teams to earn points. There were hundreds of challenges, each worth different point values. To prove completion, we were given a unique totem, or flag, with their slogan: Do Good on it that had to appear in pictures and videos that we would submit for each challenge on their app.

We stood in awe, watching the sunrise from Flagstaff Mountain, we swung off a rope into icy Boulder Creek (okay, everyone else did, I was too chicken!), we searched for street art in Denver, we decorated Topher’s face like a cake, Kelly switched shoelaces with another team, we ate at a dive diner and we picked up litter.

The above were just highlights of our crazy 24 hour journey. We consumed way to much caffeine, talked to strangers and tried new things.

Cotopaxi’s slogan, Do Good was truly the theme of the race. Every challenge was fun and uplifting and many of them were focused on service, getting outside, exploring, and being conscious humans.

We didn’t win, but we finished in the top 150 teams and felt pretty good about that!

Enjoy the photos below and if this sounds like your cup of tea, check out a Questival near you!

Thanks, Cotopaxi! Xo.

We ❤ Denver
Kelly and Josh sharing a snack
Sunrise from Flagstaff Mountain

Author: mikaelaruland

I'm a twenty something living the wanderlust life in Colorado with my boyfriend and dog. During the week, I'm a Marketing Manager but when the clock hits 5, I'm an adventurer, a traveler, a hiker, a climber, a skier, a blogger, a photographer. Live the adventure life, you won't regret it.

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