Two Humans, A Dog and a Subaru Living in Wanderlust

Hello Again, I just couldn’t stay away!

Life is back in full swing after our trip. I found a new job, Topher is halfway through his first semester back at college, Kenzie is back to lounging her days away in her many beds and the Subaru is happily parked, glad we’re not putting 5,000 miles a month on it anymore.

I learned so many things this summer, but the biggest lesson would have to be that adventure is not just some big, life changing trip. Adventure is how you choose to live. I struggled those first few weeks being back. I felt aimless. Looking for a job felt meaningless. [How do you do what you want to do with your life when what you want to do is wander the world?] My days spent home alone while Topher was at school were filled with longing. We’d already tried packing our bags and driving into the sunset; that wasn’t the solution. Or was it?

Two Fridays ago, we woke up feeling aimless and threw our sleeping bags and a box of Pop Tarts in the car and drove to Aspen. We slept in the Subaru up a crazy 4 wheel drive road in frigid temperatures and ate said Pop Tarts for dinner. And breakfast. And maybe lunch the next day, but don’t tell my mom. But the point is, we had this epic adventure. We woke up to the most amazing view, drove through some of the prettiest country and satisfied our wanderlust. For a few days at least. Instead of planning for another huge adventure that might not happen until Topher graduates college, I switched my focus to looking forward to the next adventure. This summer made us brave. We can sleep in the Subaru like pros. We’re good at finding places to park. We can wake up at 10 on a Saturday and go tackle a 7 mile hike. Sometimes our adventures are as little as trying a new coffee shop. Sometimes they’re as big as taking off on a Friday night, no plans in mind. I guess it took our wild and crazy adventure this summer to prove to me that we didn’t need to be doing anything differently. We’re living that life of adventure I’ve always dreamed of and I don’t think I’d realized it until we came home.

Am I still living for the weekends? Admittedly yes, I am. My “Every Day is an Adventure” coffee mug hasn’t quite convinced me grocery shopping is an adventure yet, but I’m now working virtually and following my creative passions so I’m working on it!

Long story short, I decided this would be the perfect platform to relaunch my blogging efforts. I feel like I have a lot to share, that we as a little family have a lot to share for people like us.  I hope Topher will help me out on here, no promises, but we will be sharing recaps of our adventures, tips of ‘living the adventure lifestyle’, trail reviews, random musings, etc, etc, etc. I know a lot of you are signed up to follow us from our trip and please feel free to unfollow if you’re not interested in this re-brand, but I hope you’ll follow along with us!






Author: mikaelaruland

I'm a twenty something living the wanderlust life in Colorado with my boyfriend and dog. During the week, I'm a Marketing Manager but when the clock hits 5, I'm an adventurer, a traveler, a hiker, a climber, a skier, a blogger, a photographer. Live the adventure life, you won't regret it.

2 thoughts on “Two Humans, A Dog and a Subaru Living in Wanderlust”

  1. I can’t wait to read your “re-branded blog”. You really have a way with words, they can make me smile, laugh and sometimes cry. Yes, I hope Topher does add some content. He’s a terrible speller, but has real talent for putting his thoughts into words too.


  2. Great update! I was glad to read your blog and your learnings… I think that you, and everyone who has ever lived with me understand that I ‘need’ my away times – sometimes it is a spontaneous trip up a mountain, sometimes it is a quick camping getaway, maybe an evening climb in Golden or Boulder, sometimes it is jumping on a plane for some far off destination for a week or two, or a month, but you definitely inherited that ‘gotta get away’ bug from me!


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