Washington and Victoria


Mikaela, here again! We can’t believe we’ve been on the road for almost three weeks!

On Sunday we did Rainier National Park. The last time I was there was scattering my Papa’s ashes ten years ago, so it was humbling to be back. It feels pretty awesome to stand at the foot of a mountain where tourists are ooh-ing and ahh-ing and to know your father and grandfather have conquered and summited.

After 17 nights of camping, we pulled into Topher’s grandpa’s on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington and it has been SO NICE to shower (I was going on 11 days! Ew!) and sleep somewhere warm and soft. Our stay coincided with Topher’s parents so its been nice to see familiar faces and be around family for a few days!

My 22nd birthday was on Tuesday. Yes, I am feeling 22 😜. We spent the day exploring the towns of Sequim and Port Angeles and chasing Topher’s childhood memories of bookstores and burger joints. When we were originally headed to Canada, my birthday wish was to go canoeing on Lake Louise in Banff. Since we’re not in Canada, we went canoeing on Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. Since we were still with Topher’s grandpa, we were able to leave Kenzie behind so we didn’t have to find out if she likes to canoe or not! Lake Crescent is beautiful! The water is the most amazing navy blue, turquoise in some places and amazingly clear. Its over 600 ft deep. A huge tree had fallen in the water and the top of it was so deep, we couldn’t reach it with our paddles! It was super calm and so peaceful. I’m not very good at paddling, but I love canoeing. Being on the water and getting around using your own power is really neat and Topher makes up for my lack of skill! The Lake Crescent Lodge is a beautiful victorian style building with a great sunroom restaurant overlooking the water. We tried some local cider and had an amazing afternoon!

Yesterday we took the ferry to Victoria, BC (so we did get a bit of a Canadian adventure!) I’d never been on a big boat before and so it was ridiculously exciting for me! I felt like a little kid. We didn’t bring the car, so it was a huge day of walking. We explored the shops and Chinatown (which is accesible by a super narrow ally that then suddenly opens up in a whole different world, or so it feels!). We lounged for a bit at the Empress Hotel  and on the lawn of the legislature building and walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf.
Fisherman’s Wharf is a floating houseboat community, which was really, really cool! There are shops, restaurants and houses, all floating!

We are back on the road today headed into Oregon. This weekend marks three weeks on the road!

‘Til next time!
(PS, if anyone has any questions about our trip so far, feel free to ask! Would love to answer!!!)


Someone doing all the work!
Ferry selfie...selfies for days!
Fisherman's Wharf
BC's impressive legislature building

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